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Top 7 Richest Youtubers in the world

1- PewDiepie

His net worth: $30 million

His subscribers: over 102 million

PewDiepie is the most pseudonym of Felix Kjellberg, who started his youtube channel in 2009 by posting gaming – commentary videos. He later branched into comedy, music, and blogs too and now has the most subscribed and viewed channel by an individual. The swede’s influence is so big that when he plays an indie game, it immediately boosts that game’s sales.

According to Wealthy Gorilla, his net worth is $30 million

2- Jeffree Star

Her net worth is $50 million

You can try celeb beauty tips or you can listen to the experts: Jeffree star, for instance, Jeffree has had a social media following since the day of myspace, Where he had a blog about beauty, fame and life in general, he had a a music career for a while and then, in 2014, he started his own cosmetic brand. A youtube channel featuring make-up tutorials followed, basically to promote his brand. The channel took on a life of its own and now Jeffree is worth $50 million, According to Wealthy Gorilla.

3- Ryan’s World

His net worth: $26 million

Subscribers: over 23.3 million

It’s almost unbelievable that an 8-year-old is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world.

He started by making videos purely of himself opening toys and playing with them. While this sounds rather hard to watch, he managed to gain millions of views on each of his videos. Ryan’s video “ huge eggs surprise ‘’ got 1.9 billion views. His videos have a huge impact on the toy industry and advertisers for toy companies are willing to splurge on his young Youtuber. Ryan now creates animation videos for kids that should keep his subscribers and income rolling in for a few years.

4- Nastya

Her net worth: $18 million

Subscribers: over 44.3 million

Nasty is the second-highest-paid child YouTuber in the world. But unlike Ryan’s World, Nastya’s Youtube is about her own life instead of toys reviews. Videos include day trips to the beach, birthday parties, Halloween costumes, and all sorts of things along those lines. Nastya wouldn’t be so well – known if it wasn’t for her father, a well humored Russian American father. The two make the perfect youtube vlog videos.

5- Logan paul

His net worth: 15.6 million

Logan Paul is a popular vlogger in the youtube community. He earned approximately $15.6 million in the past year making him the tenth highest YouTuber in 2019. However, the internet entrepreneur has been embroiled in several controversies that have even attracted the attention of youtube’s management. On 23rd November 2018, logan paul was accused of objectifying women in his new music video titled no handlebars.

Earlier in 2017, the internet personality caused a stir when he uploaded a video of a deceased person who had allegedly committed suicide neat Mount Fuji. The Youtuber was heavily criticized for the act by politicians and other celebrities. He went ahead to issue a public apology on Twitter. His recent income has mostly been from merchandise sales.

6- jake paul

His net worth: $21.1 million

Jake paul seems to be doing fantastic as a youtube entrepreneur. His channel earned him over $21.1 million in the past twelve months making him one of the richest Youtuber in 2019. Jake first ventured into internet business on the now-defunct vine. He made more than two billion views for his Vine content before it shutdown. Before his Vine success, Jake was a competitive wrestler.

Besides uploading content to YouTube, jake is also a talented actor. He was cast to play one of the main characters on the comedy series, Bizaardvark, Making him the first Youtuber to be cast as a regular member on a Disney television show. Jake is Also quite popular on other social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter, where he has numerous followers.

7- VanossGaming (Evan Fong)

His net worth: $17 million

VanossGaming is a Youtube channel run by Evan Fong, a famous Canadian video game commentator. The Youtuber posts montage – style videos of him and other content creators playing video games. He also produces music under the name Rynx. Besides uploading content, Eric also worked as a voice actor for YouTube’s series, Paranormal Action Squad. In the last one year, Fong made over $17 million from his Youtube channel.

One of the unique features of VenossGaming videos is that Evan Fong is hardly seen. As the Youtuber’s popularity rose, he started his clothing line to add to his income stream.

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